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A Yoga Instructor with the Manhattan Skyline in the Background

A Yoga Instructor with the Manhattan Skyline in the Background

This is from a shoot I did with Dina Ivas in Long Island City. I wanted the photo to have a slightly surreal look while maintaining focus on the musculature and pose of this yoga instructor. Follow my posts on Facebook for discounts and info about photo sessions.



A Head Shot for Love

Photo by Carlos Detres


Before She Goes to the Masquerade Ball






Photo by Carlos Detres



Carlos_Detres_Photo_130807_Carlos_Detres_Photo_130807_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130807-DSC_4156

Street Fashion Shoot at the Flat Iron District

While working this shoot, a police officer stood nearby, watching the model; watching me. I thought he was going to ask for paperwork although I knew it was fine. He instead asked about the equipment I was using since he was an amateur photographer. I explained the light setup and what kind of look we were going for. He nodded and walked away.

Flat Iron District
New York City
April 8, 2013

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130408-DSC_6050

Black Bow

Rooftop (near Flat Iron District)
New York City

Fun hair portrait

Last Night at the Chateau Noir Beauty Parlor Part 2

Part I is HERE.

Last Night at the Chateau Noir Beauty Parlor

My lovely girlfriend posing for the lens. Two light setup. Beauty dish up front. Lensbaby with single glass optic on camera for that good ol’ fashioned vintage look. One of my favorite portrait sessions of the year.