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Cigarette on Leopard Print

This was taken at a newish spot in Brooklyn called Bossa Nova — easily one of my new favorite places in New York. The venue permeated with a cool, relaxed vibe and the house and techno was mixed by top quality DJs. It’s hard to find a place like this in New York since Manhattan’s real estate has made it nearly impossible for a place like this to flourish but, as usual, Brooklyn tops Manhattan (and this is coming from a guy who lives in Astoria, Queens).

Bossa Nova Civic Club
Brooklyn, NY
March 31, 2013Carlos_ Detres_Photo130331-DSC_3856


Couple Kissing in the Rain After Mad Decent Block Party

The clouds loomed throughout the hot August day. It felt like we were buying time, hoping that the storm would begin after the Mad Decent block party ended. But right before the headliner, Major Lazer was to perform lightning started shooting from the sky to end the show. The rain came down real hard. The crowd raced to the exit. I stayed behind, trying to capture what was left. I found shelter inside one of the vendor shacks near the exit to avoid getting my equipment left. While stuck underneath with another photographer and a paramedic, a couple began to kiss in the rain.

You can see the rest of the photos for the event HERE.
(photo appears in this series differently)

On Assignment for Urban Daddy
Mad Decent Block Party
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
August 5, 2012

Bands Without Faces

I got my start in NYC photographing bands for temporarily-defunct The Whiskey Dregs. Free shows. Free music. Cool people and interesting venues — all with various lighting conditions and a sometimes adherence to non-flash photography, which is a bitch when you’re shooting at places like Mercury Lounge with dim moody lighting. I’d take a shot and pause to review it on my tiny LCD screen. Sometimes it’d look sharp and right and others it’d look blurry with light smearing the background. Although unusable, these shots would often become favorites which would be sadly relegated to the un-flagged pile of my digital contact sheets.

I enjoy the abstractions of light, the contours of the human body and how it could be pulled apart like sci-fi film experiment. I rarely ever look at these though I feel that they more accurately portray the feeling of the artists’ music — the mood and the action. A couple years ago, I wanted to make a whole series of these. Blurred portraits of indie bands on the up-and-up but I never pursued it. It might have been a fun project.

To be clear, most of these are happy mistakes.

Various Locations
New York City

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The Architecture of Lack

Sometimes you get down when they’re gone for a while. She’ll be back on Friday night and all will be well again. At least I got some good pictures out of it.