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The Marquee Night Club, New York

The Marquee Night Club, New York


Tattoos with Friends

This was about a month back. I was covering an event for UrbanDaddy at Capitale. My friend and I were upstairs in the VIP area where a tattoo artist from Black Banditz had set up to ink revelers up with free tattoos. To get into the mix, we each picked from their selection of free work and got some new ink. This sequence of photos features this artist working on my friend’s forearm.

New York City
February 22, 2013

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130222-DSC_1261

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130222-DSC_1272

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130222-DSC_1273

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130222-DSC_1279

New York Fashion Week Closer at Hudson Commons

The last two weeks have been completely silent on this blog and that’s because it’s been a whirlwind of blurry  hands, teething children (not mine), liquor store sneak attacks, travel and photo shoots.

As I continue to post photos from  New York Fashion Week, you’ll notice that they won’t be in order. The reasons is because I prematurely posted photos.

Photographed for UrbanDaddy.

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Hudson Commons
New York City
February 13, 2013

This DJ is 9 Years Old…

And he was actually pretty good. This was from a party at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. His name is Kai Song.This was shot while on assignment for UrbanDaddy.


The White Room

New York City
November 28, 2012

Burlesque Dancer at Bowery Hotel

Bowery Hotel
New York City
November 26, 2012


Common at ShowCase — Fashion Week

I took some red carpet photos for UrbanDaddy but those were hardly interesting. I liked this one better. Says more.

Fashion Week
September 12, 2012
New York City