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I love the 20s

Here are a pair of photographs I made with Olga Sorokina, the creative director and face of IRFE. I’ve always enjoyed 1920s fashion and creative ideas born from the Surrealist writers and artists of the era so when the two of us collaborated on these portraits, I was mighty happy.

Black and White Olga copy



All of these were made with love and all of them are $25 each. If you buy more than one, the price of shipping stays the same.

CLICKING ON ANY PHOTO TAKES YOU TO THE STORE. All major credit cards accepted.

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Who wants some surrealist prints inspired by horror experiments?

New prints including “The Stranger”, “Rope” and “The Experiment: Santa” are now available. These are of high quality and will last you a lifetime.

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Prints include these:




Carlos_ Detres_Photo120327-_DSC6628-Edit

Mask Made From Rope

Before we did her hair and wrapped rope around her face, we enjoyed a dinner of shrimp mixed in with the quinoa. We drank red wine and listened to Nitzer Ebb, Jazz and Blues. My fiance threaded her hair into braids then the rope. The look was inspired by Romans. The rope was inspired by Manila.

Home Studio
Astoria, NY
November 27, 2012

It’s a Black Celebration

1 Hour Free Photo Shoot Offered to Bands (DJs OK)


I’m a working photographer based in New York who’d like to photograph your band in one hour or less. There’s no catch. This is a free offer.

My goal is to add more band photography to my portfolio and give you badass pictures for promotional use (crediting me is all I ask). Sessions will be one hour or less. I prefer to go to you or an environment that you feel you own. I’ll bring the lights and camera.

I’m offering this to only 5 artists. My style is moody, surrealist and based in ghost photography, wet plate, and other classic methods. If this fits your style, email me the following: an online link to a site so I can hear your music, short bio and when you’re best available to discuss details.


My schedule is pretty packed the next few weeks but I’ll make sure to reserve some time for you.

My portfolio is

*Share this if you know someone who’d be interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tim Fite (published by Performer Magazine)

Tim Fite (published by Performer Magazine)

GHXST (click to enlarge) published by The Whiskey Dregs

GHXST (click to enlarge) published by The Whiskey Dregs

No Saving Him Now

Woman in the Doorway

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Eye Glass Plate Etchings

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The Delicate Tomato

Don’t worry. It’s only ketchup. Har. Har. <insert canned jeers>