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At the edge of the South Street Seaport (Pier 15)

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New Yorkers Don’t Quit for Any Rain

I’m just copying and pasting what I wrote on my FB photography page

“I love this about New Yorkers. They won’t let a little rain ruin a good time. Despite the thunderstorm that passed through NYC last night, places were packed. This was taken a little bit after the worst of it subsided…just long enough to hit the ATM.”

I think this photo was taken outside of Sweet and Vicious on Spring Street. Can’t remember.



Hot and Dirty: New York City

The city was mayhem last night and full of wonder. The city of dirt and light just needed a good heatwave to get the summer fun started. Here are some photos from last night.


Kris loves Nora


Lower East Side


Sand artist in Untion Square.


Sand artist in Union Square.


Bartender from one bar was fed up with keeping track of the drinks.


The best bartender in the LES.




Another of the best bartender in the LES.

Walk into the Light, Astoria

June 30, 2010

You can own this print by going HERE.

I miss this and oopsy

Jelly Pool Party, BK, NYC

We’re getting gypped up here in New York. It should be warm outside. It should feel like spring but it doesn’t. It feels like an angry step child of spring. I miss scenes like this one (RIGHT). It was hot. It was in Brooklyn and Cut Copy were about to play up a storm. The port-a-potty line was the best spot to meet strangers and almost everyone had a smile. It’s coming though. Oh lord it’s coming and I can’t wait to bring the camera along for the ride of summer. Good trips planned. Good parties to photograph.

So yeah…yesterday I wrote a very techy/nerdy post that really had nothing to do with anything. Here’s the thing…I’ve been headfirst into the grindstone for the better part of a week now so I started to think like a manual. But if you’re interested in that stuff then great! Let’s geek out over gear some time.