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Just for Fun: Las Vegas

“What did you go for?” a friend asked a couple days ago.

“A bachelor party,” I nearly grunted.

“That’s typical.”

I shrugged. Vegas wasn’t my kind of town but don’t get me wrong, I acted like it was. I wasn’t impressed the first day there but the city began to sink it’s ugly teeth into me until I was in its belly. The escape via 5 hour flight back home was a relief but it was only because my body needed it.

It was my first time there. My eyes popped open with the ignorance of a newborn and I saw all that I had been missing. The camera stayed in the hotel room while my cell phone and I went out for a walk.

These shots were taken with an iPhone and were done for the fun of it — in spirit of that loony American city in the Southwest. Yes, these are my vacation photos.