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On the eastern turf of Manhattan

Carlos_ Detres_Photo131005-DSC_6787


Hank and Cupcakes

Hank and Cupcakes

Greenpoint, BK

Photo by Carlos Detres


Eyes on Legs

Eyes on Legs

Union Square, Manhattan

How Mardi Gras Ended in NYC

Astoria, NY
February 21, 2013

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The Union Square Area

I was running errands today, picking up ink for my photo printer and cool little packaging material to mail out to new clients. As always, I brought my camera along for the ride. I don’t always find something inspiring to photograph but when I stop my speed walking and look up, I’m always stunned by the beauty of architecture. I miss the trees of the countryside but on a beautiful, blue day like today in New York City, I’m more than happy to be here.

Union Square Area
New York City
January 31, 2013


Carlos_ Detres_Photo130131-DSC_8991 Carlos_ Detres_Photo130131-DSC_8992

Somewhere out there, something amazing is happening

Flat Iron District
New York City
December 12, 2012


Lost in Bushwick

It was a foggy evening and once in a while, I’d see a face appearing through the mist and then it would disappear again into a darkened street.

Shot while on Assignment for RVA Mag
Brooklyn, NY
October 19, 2012

Ghastly Man on Street in Astoria, New York

Someone used the word “ghastly” in a comment for a post I wrote last week. I don’t think this word is used enough.

This is on a street corner in my neighborhood of Astoria. I took a ton of photos that night but loved this one most for its chuckle-bility (it’s like a visual pun). Just a fun silly shot.

30th Avenue

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Happy House

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Happy House

Just for Fun: Las Vegas

“What did you go for?” a friend asked a couple days ago.

“A bachelor party,” I nearly grunted.

“That’s typical.”

I shrugged. Vegas wasn’t my kind of town but don’t get me wrong, I acted like it was. I wasn’t impressed the first day there but the city began to sink it’s ugly teeth into me until I was in its belly. The escape via 5 hour flight back home was a relief but it was only because my body needed it.

It was my first time there. My eyes popped open with the ignorance of a newborn and I saw all that I had been missing. The camera stayed in the hotel room while my cell phone and I went out for a walk.

These shots were taken with an iPhone and were done for the fun of it — in spirit of that loony American city in the Southwest. Yes, these are my vacation photos.