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The Marquee Night Club, New York

The Marquee Night Club, New York



A Casual Rain Storm in Union Square

A Casual Rain Storm in Union Square


Eyes on Legs

Eyes on Legs

Union Square, Manhattan

The Union Square Area

I was running errands today, picking up ink for my photo printer and cool little packaging material to mail out to new clients. As always, I brought my camera along for the ride. I don’t always find something inspiring to photograph but when I stop my speed walking and look up, I’m always stunned by the beauty of architecture. I miss the trees of the countryside but on a beautiful, blue day like today in New York City, I’m more than happy to be here.

Union Square Area
New York City
January 31, 2013


Carlos_ Detres_Photo130131-DSC_8991 Carlos_ Detres_Photo130131-DSC_8992

Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Had a little time between shoots to grab lunch and take my LensBaby for a ride.

Los Angeles

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