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Wicked Necklace



We’re halfway to Halloween

I’m not in a rush to jump 6 months to Halloween. I was coincidentally going through some Halloween photos yesterday when I found out that we were halfway to Halloween. I figured that it was a decent time to publish some photos that haven’t yet been posted on this blog.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130405-DSC_4352 copy

Living dead girl.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130407-DSC_5556

Patrick Bateman


KILLERS: A Nightmare Haunted House


ZombieCon 2013, New York


ZombieCon 2013, New York


Coney Island


Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Party, 2013


Wednesday Addams at Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Party, 2013


The Stranger

Memento Mori (skull, mask, Mardi Gras)

This piece is a great accessory for coming Carnivale season. Inspired by the grim, magical and hallowed aspects of New Orleans, this photograph comes in the ideal size of 13×19 with a A35 border (gallery format).

Purchase HERE for $25.

Photo paper is of top quality with a glossy finish.

Other print sizes available on demand.

Click photo to purchase.


My 200th Post!!! CLICK AND GET 20% OFF ARTWORK

Hey, all! So, yeah, 200 posts is celebration time and as I’m writing you, I’m jamming to some jaw dropping New Orleans music and readying for the Saints battle tonight in San Francisco. I’m having Abita beer. The apartment smells of Community Coffee. Mood is good so here’s 20% off any of my prints to celebrate since 200% would have been ridiculous. USE THE CODE “ITS200BABY”. Very limited time so get ’em while you can for this price.

Here are some samples of what’s in my store. If you have requests for larger sizes, I’ll be more than happy to accomodate.

EDIT 1/15/2012 — I made the rookie mistake of not listing the link for my shop. Oops. Anyway CLICK HERE for store.

Bullet in a Soft Place AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE $18

Here it is folks: at 18 bucks, this print is made on Metallic Paper for that real nice shimmer and bounce. Light reflecting off metallic paper — very nice. Anyway, here it is.

If you join my FB fan page, you get 10% off. Code is listed on the wall. FB page over HERE.

To purchase, go HERE or click on the photo below.

Bullet in a Soft Place

civil war bullet in nose. a prize for the one who can guess which army would have fired this bullet.

Click to enlarge.