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We Make the World Go ‘Round

What I enjoy about social media and other marketing trends is how we get to choose what information we want to see. We get to “befriend” producers of products that we enjoy. In some ways, it bridges the gap caused by the decline of mom and pop shops because we get to interact with small businesses around the globe. I

I run and operate new small photography business that produces edgy, professional portraits that are outside the sphere of the standard photos we’ve become used to. With this small business, I work hard to create transparency between what I do and the products people want while maintaining relationship with my customers or people who are curious about what I produce. I’m glad to be able to participate in this kind of dialogue, even with folks who haven’t used my service or purchased prints.

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As always, thank you for reading.

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We Missed You on Friday Night

Once in a while, I’ll send out a last minute public invite for people to come to Astoria and have some fun in my studio. This is usually my time to experiment new photo techniques on them. Good news is that the sessions are free and you get free pictures. Anyway, these are rare but when I’ve done them, I’ve always come out with a few pictures that I really like (I posted a couple others HERE). These are fun little sessions with drinking, music, cameras and lights.

Here are a couple others from the last one that took place this last Friday. My pal has some of the most intense eyes ever.

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