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Bushwick//Brooklyn @ Night

I took these photos while on assignment for Richmond, Virginia-based RVA Magazine. Paired with a writer, we were covering the CMJs. It was one of those nights that was a page out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in which the writer and lawyer became part of the story rather than the observers.

Apart from this being one of the most fun assignments this year, I relished in walking through dense fog between parties in a part of Brooklyn that’s part hip and part mystique, with a landscape drawn from industrial decay and artful decadence.

Brooklyn, NY
October 20, 2012


Lost in Bushwick

It was a foggy evening and once in a while, I’d see a face appearing through the mist and then it would disappear again into a darkened street.

Shot while on Assignment for RVA Mag
Brooklyn, NY
October 19, 2012