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Who wants some surrealist prints inspired by horror experiments?

New prints including “The Stranger”, “Rope” and “The Experiment: Santa” are now available. These are of high quality and will last you a lifetime.

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Prints include these:




Carlos_ Detres_Photo120327-_DSC6628-Edit


Mask Made From Rope

Before we did her hair and wrapped rope around her face, we enjoyed a dinner of shrimp mixed in with the quinoa. We drank red wine and listened to Nitzer Ebb, Jazz and Blues. My fiance threaded her hair into braids then the rope. The look was inspired by Romans. The rope was inspired by Manila.

Home Studio
Astoria, NY
November 27, 2012

A Disproportionate Amount of Disembodied Heads at the Met Museum

At the Met, there is a gallery of Greco-Roman statues. A room with a disproportionate number of disembodied heads and torsos without limbs like the character from Johnny Got His Gun (1971). It’s like walking through a gallery of frozen casualties from Savage European battles. A particular statue’s face leans forward. Head wrapped in a hood and her face looks beaten by fire. I think of screaming shells setting ablaze Dresden. In this room, guests calmly stroll between these works, pointing, mumbling. It’s certain no one else had pieced together these ghostly horrors.

Here I was looking for inspiration. Found it.