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Portrait in Blue

This is my friend. She’s an actress and playwright in NYC who does remarkable work. We did a quick portrait session. She blew her hair out of her face. I liked it so much that I asked her to do it again, which she did.

Home Studio
Astoria, NY
November 28, 2012


Do it Single Glass like a LensBaby

I’m a big fan of the single glass optic from LensBaby. What’s a single glass optic from Lensbaby, you ask? It’s an optic that you insert inside your LensBaby kit to emulate the antique lenses from the early 1900s. Great for fashion, art or whatever else you’d like to do with it. I love everything LensBaby does but it’s not always practical for everyone.

The single glass optic is essentially soft focus since the glass is not designed to be tack sharp. This may be anathema to some photographers but to those who are a bit more adventurous, this could prove to be the key to opening your minds to classical photography, which is when I raise my hand and say, “Me! Me!” There are what some may call drawbacks to the LensBaby since it’s a manual focus kit that could be a pain in the ass to deal with in uber-low lighting and when you don’t have a lot of time to get that shot. Also, some may not be willing to invest in a new lens that many would narrowly think is simply an art lens (although it is definitely not just that. Many photographers such as Fritz Liedtke uses it for much of his commercial and wedding work. Check out his work!)

For the photo below, I used Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 glass, which is known for being really friggin’ sharp — in fact it’s one of the sharpest lenses I’ve ever used. This is to illustrate that any glass can be used. This is demo so easy that you’ve probably done it by accident:

What you do is FIRST switch your lens from auto focus to manual focus. SECOND, make sure that your subject is tack sharp by adjusting the focus ring of the lens (you could also use auto focus to make sure that the focus on your subject is sharp and then select manual focus on your lens) then THIRD, twist the focus ring just a little so that the subject isn’t a blur but just sharp enough to make out the subject and get that old timey soft focus look. And then FOURTH — Experiment!

Most photographers know this and it’s very old hat so this post isn’t really geared to them but to those who are starting out, wanna do something different than usual and need some new inspiration or if you don’t want to spend more money on glass.

New Orleans, Louisiana

A Clearing in the Park

During a walk through Central Park one day, I found a clearing in the trees that led to a patchwork of stones and foliage. It didn’t appear as if many people ever went down this way so I took some pictures and marked it in my GPS. I later returned to the site with a model, a couple bottles of wine and a friend of ours who doubled for make up duty. Soon after we started, thunder and lightning fired off in the distance, lighting our otherwise darkened surroundings.

New York
Central Park

A New Portrait of Cunao

…well, it’s from the same shoot I did back in June. This portrait of Julio Montero (the musician behind Cunao) was previously lost due to the amount of work to putting THIS together. Looking back at this portrait, I think I’ve come to like it more than the other one.

Long Island City
June, 2012

Portraits from Mad Decent Block Party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This is kind of a sequel to the last kiss in the rain post I made about a week ago. In case you didn’t read it, I covered Mad Decent’s Block Party for UrbanDaddy on August 5th. It was a fun event bookended by good weather and shitty rain. When lightning started shooting down from the sky, Major Lazer, the headliner couldn’t perform. Although they continued at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, I had to call it quits for the night (they weren’t honoring press credentials there…boo). Either way, fun day.

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Mad Decent Block Party
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
August 5, 2012

Portrait of a Local Dude from Around the Way

So get this…

I sometimes go on these long walks around Astoria to take photos of whatever interests me, which is usually this complex of industrial ruin near the East River by project housing. On this occasion, Aryn went with me so I could test a couple of lighting techniques in HOT midday sun (conquering the beast!). A gentleman appearing in his 50s was relaxing in this lot that I always take photos of. Something about it just gets me every time.

The fenced in lot is empty except for this one corner where a big cargo carton lays. There’s always new stuff lying beside it such as broken mirrors, shaving razors and other miscellany. Lately, I’ve noticed that whoever had been keeping the area added a garden, artwork and a chair. He was renovating the space to become a place of relaxation and art.

On the day that Aryn and I were taking pictures, the owner was sitting on his chair, watching us. He walked around, crossed through an opening near the river and started speaking with us. He used to be security for the plot when the company that owned it moved away. Since then, it’s been his domain.

I’m dying to bring this man a couple of beers and spend some time taking his portraits while learning his story. The man intriques me as much as the space where he spends his leisure time. He gave me his name but I can’t remember it. I’ll return to the space with a couple of said beers in hopes that he’ll show.

For now, here’s the space and the man himself. Based on the second photo below, I presume that he’s also an artist who makes paintings based on his memories of his homeland in Greece.

Pirate Portrait

Well, this shoot didn’t really come out as I planned it. It was initially for a series I’ve been working on for a year. It doesn’t fit in but I still enjoyed making it and working with the model. I picked this picture out of the others because it made me smile.

Hot and Dirty: New York City

The city was mayhem last night and full of wonder. The city of dirt and light just needed a good heatwave to get the summer fun started. Here are some photos from last night.


Kris loves Nora


Lower East Side


Sand artist in Untion Square.


Sand artist in Union Square.


Bartender from one bar was fed up with keeping track of the drinks.


The best bartender in the LES.




Another of the best bartender in the LES.