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FDNY vs NYPD Boxing Match

I had never been to a boxing match before then suddenly I was ringside and covering one of the most exciting New York sporting events of the fall.

Madison Square Garden
New York City
December 8, 2012

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Carlos_ Detres_Photo121208-DSC_2113

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Carlos_ Detres_Photo121208-DSC_1941


Hot and Dirty: New York City

The city was mayhem last night and full of wonder. The city of dirt and light just needed a good heatwave to get the summer fun started. Here are some photos from last night.


Kris loves Nora


Lower East Side


Sand artist in Untion Square.


Sand artist in Union Square.


Bartender from one bar was fed up with keeping track of the drinks.


The best bartender in the LES.




Another of the best bartender in the LES.

Jesus at the Apocalypse

Ok, obviously not Jesus but this guy played the part of a Western Hemisphere rendition of the king of kings himself. I covered the Apocalypse activities, which took place at Union Square, here in New York City. The area was a bedlam and full of eerie imagery. Here’s my favorite shot from yesterday.

You can read the article I wrote and submitted pictures to HERE.