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A Selfie at the Haunted Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana

I’ve written a few times before my love of haunted places. Although I rarely have an experience, there’s usually a different feeling about a place once inside. I’ve stayed at the notoriously and supposedly haunted Myrtles a couple of times. The first time I had a minor experience — one hardly worth mentioning. The second time was even less mentionable, however the difference in the feeling of the rooms of where I was staying and the ones from another side of the house were noticeable and defined by a heavy feeling in the air. The next morning, after speaking with the people who had stayed in that part of the house, we learned that they didn’t experience anything unusual. My friends and I slept like babies. Either way, it was a fun trip marked by late night drinking, louder than loud bullfrogs and cicada and a foot dip in the fountain.

Myrtles Plantation
St. Francisville, LA
June 26, 2013

Carlos_Detres_Photo_130626_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130626-_DSC6931

A photo of NYC’s new middle finger as seen from the James Hotel

Last night, I went to photographer, Ben Watts’ WattsUp wine party at Jimmy (the rooftop of the James Hotel). Besides being treated to free wine, cool people and an astounding view of Lower Manhattan, I couldn’t help to notice this huge middle finger sticking up from the bedrock of New York City. I think I’m in love with all 1776 feet of this building. You will never catch up working or going up there but it sure is pretty to look at and it goes well with wine, revelers and stormy clouds.

New York City
June 11, 2013


Cigarette on Leopard Print

This was taken at a newish spot in Brooklyn called Bossa Nova — easily one of my new favorite places in New York. The venue permeated with a cool, relaxed vibe and the house and techno was mixed by top quality DJs. It’s hard to find a place like this in New York since Manhattan’s real estate has made it nearly impossible for a place like this to flourish but, as usual, Brooklyn tops Manhattan (and this is coming from a guy who lives in Astoria, Queens).

Bossa Nova Civic Club
Brooklyn, NY
March 31, 2013Carlos_ Detres_Photo130331-DSC_3856

This is what clients get

Every one loves to receive gifts so I take this fact into account when I prepare deliverable media to my clients. This package includes three 4×6 prints and a CD, inserted into a faux wood case. This are included free of charge.

I take a lot of pride in my work and believe that my method of packaging reflects this.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130322-DSC_3509

“BANG!” said the ambushing rooster

Brooklyn, NY
December 2012

Carlos_ Detres_Photo121221-DSC_4983

Worship — Vintage Style Fine Art Print

I always set out to introduce an element of fashion into my artwork. With this one, we went with the stockings the model brought into the session. The original version of this photo began with the model placing the mask on her face with a provocative photo balancing out the composition. As we were finishing up, she said, “How about this?” She placed the mask where it is now then I pressed the shutter button. Click.

This print is now on sale for $25 at this LINK.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130112-DSC_6478  Watermark

The Room Lit Up with Green Stars

I test concepts for future shoots during winter months. With this photo, I placed a lazer pointer in a beer coozy, taped the button down so that the light would stay on. The Cure played in the background. Atmospheric stuff. Looked like green stars. The only lights were from the lazer pointer, a couple of candles and the street lamps outside.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130113-DSC_6886

Superchief Gallery Opening

New York City
January 8, 2012

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130108-DSC_5915

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130108-DSC_5909

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130108-DSC_5903

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130108-DSC_5901

In the line of photographers and onlookers

Sophia Bush
69th Infantry Armory
New York City
December 10, 2012

Carlos_ Detres_Photo121210-DSC_2567


All of these were made with love and all of them are $25 each. If you buy more than one, the price of shipping stays the same.

CLICKING ON ANY PHOTO TAKES YOU TO THE STORE. All major credit cards accepted.

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 2.34.02 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 2.34.46 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 2.33.37 PM

Print of Vintage Typewriter on Sale for $25

I made this photograph last spring while at a local haunt. I have a fondness for old typewriters, which is what I had in mind when I took this. Just click on the photo to view it at the store.

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 1.39.31 PM

Who wants some surrealist prints inspired by horror experiments?

New prints including “The Stranger”, “Rope” and “The Experiment: Santa” are now available. These are of high quality and will last you a lifetime.

And CHECK IT OUT! There’s even a discount code! Use “Holidaze1” for 15% off your order. Merry holidaze.

Prints include these:




Carlos_ Detres_Photo120327-_DSC6628-Edit

Mask Made From Rope

Before we did her hair and wrapped rope around her face, we enjoyed a dinner of shrimp mixed in with the quinoa. We drank red wine and listened to Nitzer Ebb, Jazz and Blues. My fiance threaded her hair into braids then the rope. The look was inspired by Romans. The rope was inspired by Manila.

Home Studio
Astoria, NY
November 27, 2012

Remix My FACE!

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my friend Brad to “remix” a photo for me for a post I wanted to do about reinterpreting art. In addition to photography, I’ve been a DJ for over 10 years so remixes have always been a big part of my sets. I often crisscross ideas I have for sets and photography shoots and I thought it would be swell to ask Brad to remix this picture. He has a great eye for irony, clever reinterpretation, and he often imbues his work with dark humor.

Thanks, compadre!

The After and Before…

Brad's Remix

Original Self Portrait

Combine 2 frames and flash techniques

How I got this shot:

FRAME ONE (moving from the doorway)

Repeating flash on my SB-900 speedlight to get this portrait. Set to 1/128, flash = 24x, 20Hz, 1.6 seconds. 150 ISO

FRAME TWO (standing in front of the second doorway)

Rear curtain flash (should have been set to Slow). 1.6 seconds, 150 ISO.

Both frames were overlaid to create this picture. Touch ups done in Lightroom 3.

Why use 2 different flash techniques?

Had I used the same technique for both frames then the second one, the one in which I’m still standing in the doorway (frame 2), then it would have been severely overexposed when the first frame is added, due to the amount of power the flash emits.

The repeating flash technique is typically used for moving objects. If you’re not sure what this is, then imagine the strobe light from your favorite club. That’s what happens. You should use a tripod or a flat surface because you’re going to need to keep that shutter open for a while.

There are plenty of good tutorials about how to use repeating flash. Seems complicated at first but then it’s pretty easy.

Nature resisted and nature died or 2 wooden ships!

Much of my work is environmental activism in imagery. Or better yet, it’s the reflection of what I see happening to the world. It can be depressing but destruction is often as beautiful as creation. How that works out in the end, I haven’t a clue. But this was my day at the beach — or rather a cove in Astoria, NY that I had no idea existed because “progress” has already sought all useful parcels of land.

Ok here’s the short story of it. New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens (the latter two being on Long Island)) used to be all forests, ponds, streams, hills, and waterfalls. It used to be an Eden and if you go North just 15 minutes from the heart of Manhattan, you’ll be surrounded by nature, which might give you a glimpse of what it may have looked like.

Check out the pictures of the mired and decaying old merchant ships. These are probably late 1800s — THE LATEST.

If anyone has any info about the ships below, please tell me about it!