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One of the latest portraits to use mouse ears

Gramercy Park Hotel
New York City
April 6, 2013

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130406-DSC_4860


Lost in Bushwick

It was a foggy evening and once in a while, I’d see a face appearing through the mist and then it would disappear again into a darkened street.

Shot while on Assignment for RVA Mag
Brooklyn, NY
October 19, 2012

Friends Make Good Models

Here’s a portrait of a pair of friends who I use regularly as models. Although both work in fashion, neither of them had previous experience as professional models and yet they’ve given me great results every time. This is a candid shot I took of them after one of our photo sessions for a series called +dangerous that I’ve been working on.

Portraits that Didn’t Make the Cut

These portraits below have been overlooked for various reasons, including updated versions, eclipsed by better pictures or simply weren’t appropriate for the resulting theme of the shoot. I’m a sucker for giving second chances to people. Pictures, too.


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