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Halloween Character at Local Haunted House

This was photographed for Nightmare: KILLERS2 haunted house. If you live in NYC, check this out. If you don’t live in NYC, get here and check it out. It’s an amazing haunt.

This is one half of the Moors Murderers in her natural habitat.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo131003-DSC_6405



Character so creepy that the shot required nothing but simplicity

Character so creepy that the shot required nothing but simplicity

This photograph was done for NIGHTMARE: KILLERS2 haunted house. I went through the haunted house on Sunday and it left a mark — pleasantly disturbing. Go to for more info.

A Unique Glimpse Into A NYC Haunted House (KILLERS)

I have the unique privilege of complete access to KILLERS: A Nightmare Haunted House, which is quickly getting the reputation as the scariest haunted house in New York. Being a huge fan of haunted house attractions and having gone through it a couple of times, I can tell you that it is.

I’m hoping to go back there soon to take more photos like these. Enjoy.