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On the eastern turf of Manhattan

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Rock and Roll Burlesque at Tammany Hall

Rock and roll, contortionist acts, comedic illusionists, burlesque dancers on broken glass. What could go wrong?

Tammany Hall
New York City
March 20, 2013

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Timo Weiland After Party at Le Baron

Chinatown seems to be the growing hot spot these days as I’ve noticed my work continues to take me there. There’s a lot to like about it. It has the sleaze and grit of the Lower East Side from 10-15 years ago and lots of places to easily fit in a speakeasy or venue. I had never been to Le Baron before this night but it got an A+ in my book.

The band that is playing is called Cable.

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(Photographed for UrbanDaddy.)

Le Baron
New York City
February 7, 2013


Socialites of the New York City Variety

New York City
December 20, 2012

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Superchief Gallery Opening

New York City
January 8, 2012

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The Skinny Dipping Report

Lost Weekend
New York City
December 5, 2012








Portrait of My Friend

It was last week, July 26th, my birthday, when my friend met me at a favorite Lower East Side haunt called Iggy’s. The weather looked grim and we felt the cloud of exhaustion hovering over us while suds of beer popped in our bellies. Later that night, we were privy to an awesome display of Mother Nature when she came pouring upon New York the most torrential rain storm I’d seen in a while. It was difficult to ignore the nagging thought about how small we are in comparison to Earth’s meteorological whims. We could all be swept away in an instant. For the moment, however it was just another rain storm on a ceaseless summer day.

I took this photo of my friend before the storm.

New York City
July 26, 2012

New Yorkers Don’t Quit for Any Rain

I’m just copying and pasting what I wrote on my FB photography page

“I love this about New Yorkers. They won’t let a little rain ruin a good time. Despite the thunderstorm that passed through NYC last night, places were packed. This was taken a little bit after the worst of it subsided…just long enough to hit the ATM.”

I think this photo was taken outside of Sweet and Vicious on Spring Street. Can’t remember.



Hot and Dirty: New York City

The city was mayhem last night and full of wonder. The city of dirt and light just needed a good heatwave to get the summer fun started. Here are some photos from last night.


Kris loves Nora


Lower East Side


Sand artist in Untion Square.


Sand artist in Union Square.


Bartender from one bar was fed up with keeping track of the drinks.


The best bartender in the LES.




Another of the best bartender in the LES.

The Eeriness of Nightmare Fairy Tales (October 6, 2011)

For more info about this haunted house, go HERE.

(Rumor is this building is actually haunted…like for real haunted — in case you believe in such things.)

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