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Behind the Pepsi Cola Sign in Long Island City

Behind the Pepsi Cola Sign in Long Island City

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A Yoga Instructor with the Manhattan Skyline in the Background

A Yoga Instructor with the Manhattan Skyline in the Background

This is from a shoot I did with Dina Ivas in Long Island City. I wanted the photo to have a slightly surreal look while maintaining focus on the musculature and pose of this yoga instructor. Follow my posts on Facebook for discounts and info about photo sessions.


The Long Shadow of the Twin Towers

The Long Shadow of the Twin Towers

I wonder how the generation born around 9/11 will feel about the ensuing years, growing up in an era of war, tragedy and terrorism — things I didn’t have to worry about as a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s. This photo is about that question, which is expressed by the young girl on the bottom right corner who looks as if she could have been born around 2001 or thereafter. I thought the people in the photograph (who were old enough to know the tragedy of that day) could be me.

New Prints and They Will Look Exactly Like This

I’m selling prints at LIC Flea and Food in Long Island City tomorrow from 10-6 and every Saturday thereafter until September 28. I’ve hesitated posting anything about this but have been encouraged by my customers’ responses. This is just a small sampling of what will be included but it gives you an idea. Even if you’re not looking for prints, I highly recommend checking this flea market out. I’m earnings have been going into new purchases from there — kinda defeats the point but cool stuff.

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LIC Flea and Food
5-25 46th Avenue

Good night, Astoria

It’s been a long and productive day. And with that, I bid you goodnight, Astoria. Time to chill the eff out.

Astoria, NY
April 27, 2013

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130427-DSC_7239

A Shoot With Cunao with Production Notes

We were running behind on the shoot due to rain and train troubles but it gave me time to explore some other possible locations in Long Island City. The neighborhood is adorned by rusted industrial ruin, corner stores, old apartment buildings and fancy modern condos. My goal with Julio Montero (of Cunao) was to showcase his many roles of his one-man Latin music band and place him in the backdrop of the city he grew up in (he now lives in L.A.). I always like learning where an artist was raised since this environment is what informs his work.

This photo was shot at the end of the street from the graffiti mecca 5Pointz in about 15-20 mintues. The process of piecing 35 images together took about five hours. After we finished, we had a beer and discussed art. Great time.
Production Specs:

+ Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens at F2.8
+ Tripod
+ Camera triggered with el cheapo shutter release cable (a note about this: I hardly ever shoot with my tripod — more like never — but I had to do it this time to make sure that all of the poses matched with the framed scene.)
+ Pieced together in Adobe CS5. Further processing in Lightroom 3

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structures define and express the character of a town. i love that.

Cities/Towns/Boroughs Featured:

Long Island City
St. Francisville
New Orleans
Los Angeles
Beverly Hills
Valley Forge
Yellow Springs
San Juan

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Markets


This weekend, I’ll be selling prints at two holiday markets in Astoria, New York (just outside of Manhattan for those who’ve never heard of it). I’ll be there with several other artists who’ll share their talents through wares people can purchase. I’ve only done this once before. Still getting the hang of things. If you feel inclined to come join us, please come by, say hello, and let’s have a beer.

I’m selling several square 12×12 prints, framed and some 8.5×11. All printed on Kodak Lustre paper. You’ll like.

December 17

Live music, DJs, drinks, art gallery (featuring ridiculously talented photographers) and holiday gifts made by hand.

Hosted by In Bloom
Hell Gate Social
12-21 Astoria Blvd.
N or Q to Astoria Blvd

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December 18

If you just want to stop by and look at stuff then you have to try their brunch burger. It’s my fave.

Sweet Afton
3009 34th St.
N or Q to 30th Ave

Happy holidays to all of you. =)

Long Island City: Indutrial Desolation

Recreational Spike -- CLICK TO ENLARGE


Clearly Broken -- CLICK TO ENLARGE

The Disapearing Art of a Hood — Long Island City

On assignment for a magazine, I had the chance to hang out in my neighborhood’s backyard for the weekend in Long Island City. It was a pre-spring kind of vibe, which resulted in drinking, eating, and walking in places I had never before visited. I was reminded of the great spots in this neighborhood and of the many remnants of its history, abandoned but still visible.

Here are some shots of a neighborhood that will look completely different in five years. With the potential loss of 5 Pointz and some of these old buildings, the essence of its past will look like a tombstone whose name bearer has become worn with age.

* If you’re checking out my site and looking for pictures I may have taken of you over the weekend, please email me cdetres[AT]