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The Secret to Getting a Vintage Look…

Want to know the secret for getting that vintage look in-camera without Photoshop? Switch lenses often and let your mirror get drrrty.Carlos_Detres_Photo_130222_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130222-DSC_1538


This consumed my life for nearly 72 hours straight

My new portfolio.

Only 31 photos to keep it short, sweet and expresses a full range of event, portraiture and fashion photography.

I’m New York City based. If anyone needs an event photographed in a unique and bold style, please feel free to review the new portfolio to see if I’m the right fit for you. If I am, contact me! I’m still booking for the summer.

Click this LINK to go there.

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Dancing the Night Off

New York City
December 20, 2012

Carlos_ Detres_Photo121221-DSC_4767-Edit-Edit