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Pattern Clashing or Sexy Stockings/Long Legs

Studio time at the Chateau Noir.

Chateau Noir
Astoria, NY
January 12, 2013

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130112-DSC_6577


A Clearing in the Park

During a walk through Central Park one day, I found a clearing in the trees that led to a patchwork of stones and foliage. It didn’t appear as if many people ever went down this way so I took some pictures and marked it in my GPS. I later returned to the site with a model, a couple bottles of wine and a friend of ours who doubled for make up duty. Soon after we started, thunder and lightning fired off in the distance, lighting our otherwise darkened surroundings.

New York
Central Park

Old Hollywood Style Glamour

I love the dramatic, smokey and moody look of classic Hollywood glamour photos. I’ve emulated this look a few times before so when I was going through my photos, archiving and organizing them, I came across the color version of the photo below when I said, “I have to make this black and white” — instant “Hollywood”.

A million thanks to the model appearing in the photo. She nailed the look, which is why I like to invite her to model for thee ol’ camera.

By the way, this is my 300TH POST!

New York City

Kill Kill At The Masquerade Club

Click on photo for better resolution and size.

Ninth Ward (bar), NYC

Aryn and I visited one of my new favorite NYC bars called Ninth Ward. It bills itself as being a New Orleans style bar. I kinda see it. There’s voodoo folk art on the ceilings, shutter blinds, lit via bright artificial lighting, private booths, old wood beams crossing above its guests, and all very low lit.

I had my camera on me, as I always do, and the decor put me in the mood to take 1970s vampire, ghost movie shots. Here’s one I took of Aryn: