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The Simple Things We Neglect

Shooting with a film camera. This is a Holga. It’s now decoration on my wall.Carlos_Detres_Photo_130826_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130826-DSC_4859


Before She Goes to the Masquerade Ball






Photo by Carlos Detres

DIGITATA Photographers Speak Out On The Digital Takeover


Here’s an article written by Michael Stahl for Musee Magazine. In it he interviews Tony Vaccaro, Brandon Stanton (of Humans of New York), Jesse Winter and myself. I was honored to be included in this article featuring such heavy weights.

According to, over two million photos are uploaded to Facebook every twenty minutes.  Tumblr boasts nearly 67 million blogs that are predominantly photo-based.  ITunes says, “50 million users love Instagram!”  Yahoo! advertises that Flickrprovides a forum for 51 million people to post photos, while, the most ironic figure comes from Hipstamatic CEO Lucas Buick, who told Fast Company that there are 27 million users of his product, which is designed to give a hand-developed, classic tonality to a mega-pixeled pic.  Says Winter of Hipstamatic: “Just add water and it’s beautiful.”

While talking across his all-time favorite photo, a shot from an airplane of German-dug trenches ensconced in a World War I battlefield, which is likely the only print of it in the world, Detres says that he would definitely agree with the notion that digital photography is diluting the art.  More SLR camera sales and smartphone apps surely stir more competition for paid work and website hits, but Detres isn’t terribly worried, saying that, regardless of the number of participants in the photography community, there’s still a weeding out process and that “the great ones have that fine art, film mentality, even if they weren’t trained in film.”

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The Stitched Up Jack-O-Lantern

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a fanatical Halloween enthusiast (redundancy check here?). In saying that, I do a lot of Halloween activities that range from cemetery photo walks (alone of course) to haunted houses. Another thing I like to do is make Halloween-esque photographs such as the pumpkin below. I’ve done photos like these every year since 2009. I was going for a film noir/German Expressionist look here by casting the shadow on the wall. Enjoy!

The Strangers (outtake I may like better than original)

Trying to decide which version I like better. The one below or this one

Ninth Ward (bar), NYC

Aryn and I visited one of my new favorite NYC bars called Ninth Ward. It bills itself as being a New Orleans style bar. I kinda see it. There’s voodoo folk art on the ceilings, shutter blinds, lit via bright artificial lighting, private booths, old wood beams crossing above its guests, and all very low lit.

I had my camera on me, as I always do, and the decor put me in the mood to take 1970s vampire, ghost movie shots. Here’s one I took of Aryn: