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Elana Katz’s Performance at Lumen

I was totally floored by this beautiful piece performed by performance artist Elana Katz. The photos and performance from this shoot will go on to inspire the fashion design team behind Emporio dei Giovani.

Staten Island, NY
June 15, 2013

Carlos_Detres_Photo_130615_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130615-DSC_0934

Photo shoot with Elana Katz

Carlos_Detres_Photo_130615_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130615-DSC_1092

Carlos_Detres_Photo_130615_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130615-DSC_1099

Carlos_Detres_Photo_130615_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130615-DSC_1149

Carlos_Detres_Photo_130615_Carlos_ Detres_Photo130615-DSC_1277


This is what clients get

Every one loves to receive gifts so I take this fact into account when I prepare deliverable media to my clients. This package includes three 4×6 prints and a CD, inserted into a faux wood case. This are included free of charge.

I take a lot of pride in my work and believe that my method of packaging reflects this.

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130322-DSC_3509