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Greenwood Cemetery 2012 — Dead photos

Photographing at cemeteries is my thing. It’s a personal project that has seen years of accumulated photographs of memorialized existences. Yesterday, I took some time from doing work and headed to Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn to make some photos happen. My buddy from 40 Shades Studios came with and we ventured into the autumnal gloomy daze of this cemetery’s offerings.

Greenwood Cemetery
Brooklyn, NY
October 24, 2012

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Power Plant Rises From Graves

Or so it seemed…

I was driving back from a photo shoot on a day when the sky filled with blue and wind blew into the car from highway speed. I made a wrong turn somewhere and lost myself in Queens, enjoying the luxury of loud music and wheels. From the right side of the car I saw a cemetery. The one you can see from the air when flying into Laguardia. From the sky, it looks like dirty snowfall but up close, the vastness of the cemetery was revealed. What lured me most into it was this power plant that was seemingly placed in the middle of the cemetery. I couldn’t resist.

I abandoned cemetery photography a while ago when I started to become confident in my portraiture. Pulling into the entrance, I was reminded of a time, a long time ago, when I was in college taking photography and film classes, visiting local cemeteries and graveyards in South Florida. Sisters of Mercy was making the rounds inside the car. It was too ’80s. It was too college days. It was too perfect. I drove all around the cemetery, snapping several photos here and there in the eerie quiet and sporadic rustling of ninja-like lizards.

There are a lot more photos than the one I’ve placed here, including a fresh pile of dirt where someone had just been interred (I didn’t post it out of respect to the family who will probably never read this blog anyway. Maybe I’ll post it another day).

The binding experience felt like a full circle. The poetry of a power plant rising out of the cemetery (it was an illusion) is obvious.

BTW. This was at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

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Hidden Art at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA

It’s taken me a few days to get work out of the way so I could post some photos from my recent trip to New Orleans. These are a few from St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and probably my first cemetery photos in over a year.

What gets me about this cemetery or any cemetery is the amount of artwork contained within. The eternal marriage of decay and stone is riles my imagination. Pressing my hand against lichen along the cracks and crevices of crypts reminds of thousands of little hands reaching for what lies within. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is rife with religious voodoo markings and offerings, which combined with all of the previously mentioned elements creates an intoxicating harvest of ideas. This cemetery is one of the many, many aspects that make New Orleans a refuge for me. This city awakes my mind.

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The New Paltz Snow Massacre!

The snowfall was beautiful and although I had a great time in New Paltz this weekend, it smeared my Halloween mood. These photos, however managed to extract the tiny tincture of spirit I had left. Lesson #1: the spirit of Halloween is ever present. Lesson #2: Don’t let a little cold and snowfall damper Halloween weekend.

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Video: Trinity Church Graveyard

Cementerio de San Juan (redux)

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Only One of A Kind Prints at a Discount TONIGHT

Hey, all.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, if I’m quiet on the blog that means something’s brewing. Well, here we go. Tonight I will be exhibiting as well as selling original pieces at THIS FESTIVAL (from 7-?) that will be hosted by In Bloom and Hell Gate Social Club.

My goal is to give people a chance to own one-of-a-kind art at very affordable prices.

Mention the word “NOLA” and get 10% off your print.

Free shot glass (there can never be too many shot glasses) with every print.

There are 16 pieces in all. Here are examples and brief descriptions from all 4 series:

The Buried Cross (2011)

Once these are gone, they will never be made the same way again. You are getting a 1/1 on these. These are already placed in a frame and signed and dated (by year). these photographs were printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper and affixed onto vellum paper (25% rag) for a textured, silk-like look. Acrylic was used to create a painted matte. 8.5″ x 11 with 4×6 print.(5 in the series.)

Hooked Rain (2011)

These are also a 1/1. Buy one and that’s it. These prints, also on Fujifilm Crystyal Archive paper, are presented in MCS frames, signed, dated on watercolor paper with a acrylic painted as a matte around the border. 8.5″ x 11 with 4×6 print. (5 in the series.)

The Burning Dancer (2011)

Affixed onto art board, this print is in rustic-style wood frame (think the Haunted Mansion at Disney) with a border painted with acrylic. The print is signed and dated on the backside. 8×10 board with 5×7 print. (1 in the series.)

LIC Atom (2010)

These are matted, packaged, and ready to be framed. These are 8×10 mattes with a 4×6 opening. Photographs are printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper. (5 in the series.)