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Hey MUSICIANS! A Package for You…

*This offer is exclusive to musicians. I have other deals coming up later.

I’ve had a strong connection with the music scene in New York City and Miami and have had the great chance of photographing some of my favorite bands as well as those that are not quite as known yet.


Before doing a shoot with any artist, I listen to their music and engage in a dialog to get your image just right.


I work until I see a smile on your face. You bust your ass for your music and I’ll do the same for your session.


Here’s what I’m offering:

+ 1 hour photo session (location of your choice although I’m happy to give some suggestions as well).
+ Studio lighting and effects.
+ 1 DVD that includes 10 of your favorite photos from your session. Retouched and ready for your press kit, web site and CD.
+ 3 9×12 prints so you can hang them on your wall and for dear old dad to smile at.
+ 3 wardrobe changes.

Total Price (including shipping) $225


(more samples HERE)


A Shoot With Cunao with Production Notes

We were running behind on the shoot due to rain and train troubles but it gave me time to explore some other possible locations in Long Island City. The neighborhood is adorned by rusted industrial ruin, corner stores, old apartment buildings and fancy modern condos. My goal with Julio Montero (of Cunao) was to showcase his many roles of his one-man Latin music band and place him in the backdrop of the city he grew up in (he now lives in L.A.). I always like learning where an artist was raised since this environment is what informs his work.

This photo was shot at the end of the street from the graffiti mecca 5Pointz in about 15-20 mintues. The process of piecing 35 images together took about five hours. After we finished, we had a beer and discussed art. Great time.
Production Specs:

+ Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens at F2.8
+ Tripod
+ Camera triggered with el cheapo shutter release cable (a note about this: I hardly ever shoot with my tripod — more like never — but I had to do it this time to make sure that all of the poses matched with the framed scene.)
+ Pieced together in Adobe CS5. Further processing in Lightroom 3

Click to enlarge.

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1 Hour Free Photo Shoot Offered to Bands (DJs OK)


I’m a working photographer based in New York who’d like to photograph your band in one hour or less. There’s no catch. This is a free offer.

My goal is to add more band photography to my portfolio and give you badass pictures for promotional use (crediting me is all I ask). Sessions will be one hour or less. I prefer to go to you or an environment that you feel you own. I’ll bring the lights and camera.

I’m offering this to only 5 artists. My style is moody, surrealist and based in ghost photography, wet plate, and other classic methods. If this fits your style, email me the following: an online link to a site so I can hear your music, short bio and when you’re best available to discuss details.


My schedule is pretty packed the next few weeks but I’ll make sure to reserve some time for you.

My portfolio is

*Share this if you know someone who’d be interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tim Fite (published by Performer Magazine)

Tim Fite (published by Performer Magazine)

GHXST (click to enlarge) published by The Whiskey Dregs

GHXST (click to enlarge) published by The Whiskey Dregs

Another Facebook photography page???

Why should anyone join my photography page on Facebook?

Everyone Loves A List

1. I work damn hard to create my work and because I’m an artist, I know how hard times can sometimes deny you to own work from fellow artists. Discounts for you and folks who aren’t artists on prints.

2. I killed my TV recently. Didn’t realize how much it was hurting my creativity. It took a couple years but it’s gone now. D-E-A-D. This means my creativity has been really — ahem — hot and bothered. I’ll be looking for models and other artists to collaborate with on a whole eff-load of stuff.

3. Everyone, whether they know it or not will need photos of themselves, an event (i.e. your brandband, company event, wedding, etc.), fashion, product at one time or another.

4. I enjoy a forum where people can let their hair hang down, let loose and discuss their most absurd ideas — no matter who may laugh at us or point fingers and yell, “Psychopath! Deviant!”

5. I’d also like to see your photos and learn how your twisted minds work. Post ’em on my page!

6. I’ll soon be spreading myself to New Orleans, Miami and Orlando in addition to my NYC base. Going national, baby. Announcement regarding (site arriving soon) is forthcoming.

Steep discounts on all of these will be available only to those who join up. It’ll be like a secret we share.

Why am I posting this? Hey, I have a business to run. =)

Happy holidays to all of you and thanks in advance.

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