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Geometry in Stone

Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City
February 7, 2013

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9305
Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9287


Somewhere out there, something amazing is happening

Flat Iron District
New York City
December 12, 2012


The Geometry of Buildings in Midtown

I often take for granted the geometric beauty and grandeur of towering buildings throughout NYC. After finishing up a shoot near Lincoln Center, I walked about, running errands while snapping a few photographs. The light coming from the building in the rear stopped me dead on the spot. It had this beautiful Todd Hido glow. I first intended the photo to be color but I pitched that idea since my focus was on the light and the geometry of the scene. (This is also the same street that Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will be traveling.)

57th Street
Midtown, New York, NY
November 21, 2012

Fire Below!

I’m witholding the name of the place where these photos were taken. It was some place in the city but who cares?! These were just a few shots I made while inside. It looks like a basement-style space but it’s not. It had that underground-speakeasy decadence that I haven’t seen in a while.

New York City
Location Witheld
October 13, 2012

The Stitched Up Jack-O-Lantern

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a fanatical Halloween enthusiast (redundancy check here?). In saying that, I do a lot of Halloween activities that range from cemetery photo walks (alone of course) to haunted houses. Another thing I like to do is make Halloween-esque photographs such as the pumpkin below. I’ve done photos like these every year since 2009. I was going for a film noir/German Expressionist look here by casting the shadow on the wall. Enjoy!

The Disapearing Art of a Hood — Long Island City

On assignment for a magazine, I had the chance to hang out in my neighborhood’s backyard for the weekend in Long Island City. It was a pre-spring kind of vibe, which resulted in drinking, eating, and walking in places I had never before visited. I was reminded of the great spots in this neighborhood and of the many remnants of its history, abandoned but still visible.

Here are some shots of a neighborhood that will look completely different in five years. With the potential loss of 5 Pointz and some of these old buildings, the essence of its past will look like a tombstone whose name bearer has become worn with age.

* If you’re checking out my site and looking for pictures I may have taken of you over the weekend, please email me cdetres[AT]

The Architecture of Lack

Sometimes you get down when they’re gone for a while. She’ll be back on Friday night and all will be well again. At least I got some good pictures out of it.