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Sunny Days Are Here Again!

Here are a couple of portraits I took on sunny days. It’s always exciting to see summer in bloom.

First shot I did for 40 Shades Studios.

Second shot was taken of my girlfriend’s sister during an outing to a Long Island vineyard.

We Make the World Go ‘Round

What I enjoy about social media and other marketing trends is how we get to choose what information we want to see. We get to “befriend” producers of products that we enjoy. In some ways, it bridges the gap caused by the decline of mom and pop shops because we get to interact with small businesses around the globe. I

I run and operate new small photography business that produces edgy, professional portraits that are outside the sphere of the standard photos we’ve become used to. With this small business, I work hard to create transparency between what I do and the products people want while maintaining relationship with my customers or people who are curious about what I produce. I’m glad to be able to participate in this kind of dialogue, even with folks who haven’t used my service or purchased prints.

Anyway, if you like what you’re reading, please help me continue this trend by clicking the PHOTO below to my Facebook business page. Hit “like” if you like.

As always, thank you for reading.

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Bang, bang head shot — More glam than usual

Here are some photos from my most recent shoot. These pictures are obviously my more conservative side but they were serving a different purpose so there you go. I also wanted to illustrate how the same photo done in black and white gives a completely different feeling than the color job. I think both are unique and both work. Just showing some options you could have if you’re interested in doing a shoot with me.

As a reminder, I’m doing a promotional deal for head shots in celebration of the opening of 40 shades studios. Details below.

Your Session
1 hour shoot (studio for $65.00. Outdoor for $75.00)
3 wardrobe changes
Unlimited Edits
Photos delivered by mail in the format of your choice of either CD, DVD or online.

Go HERE for 40 shades studios portfolio.

email me at to book a session.

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$65.00 for Head Shots/Portrait: A 40 Shades Studios Promotional

Hey, all. So good news. I’m offering a promotional deal for $65.00 in celebration of the opening of 40 Shades Studios. Here’s what’s included in the package:

Your Session
1 hour shoot (studio for $65.00. Outdoor for $75.00)
3 wardrobe changes
Unlimited Edits
Photos delivered by mail in the format of your choice of either CD, DVD or online.

Go HERE for 40 shades studios portfolio.

Referral Rewards Program (yup, there’s actually a referral rewards program)

If you’ve been a previous client, you’ll get this session for $50.00 for referring a friend.

Deals for bands, engagement photos, events and even weddings are coming soon.

CAVEAT: If you’re not in the New York City region, then we’ll have to figure out how to fly you over so we can do some awesome shots together. Kidding…kind of.

Photographing a Lovely Family

I get all sorts of different kinds of jobs and 2011 saw a variety which included product, wedding, fashion editorials, magazine covers, rock stars, Christmas carolers, haunted houses, commissioned fine art work, album covers, families and on and on and on. The thread sewn throughout these has been the client’s pursuit of a particular style and quality. I’ve always been grateful to folks who have taken a chance with conservative style portraits such as the ones below. What I always mention to my clients is that I shoot for them and will never incorporate partially naked women (or men), grotesque figures or any such thing unless they commission it (and this, so far, has never been requested for a wedding or any such shoot).

Soon enough, I’ll be separating my “Carlos Detres Photography” from a new endeavor called “40 shades studios. The former will be focus on art while the latter will be for wedding, portrait, headshots, family, event, and all sorts of other great services. If 40 shades studios was up now, these are the kinds of photo shoots you’d see.

So here is a sampling of photos I did for this lovely family. It was one of the most fun shoots I did all year (these were shot at the end of December). Some of the sweetest people I’ve met in a while.

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Another Facebook photography page???

Why should anyone join my photography page on Facebook?

Everyone Loves A List

1. I work damn hard to create my work and because I’m an artist, I know how hard times can sometimes deny you to own work from fellow artists. Discounts for you and folks who aren’t artists on prints.

2. I killed my TV recently. Didn’t realize how much it was hurting my creativity. It took a couple years but it’s gone now. D-E-A-D. This means my creativity has been really — ahem — hot and bothered. I’ll be looking for models and other artists to collaborate with on a whole eff-load of stuff.

3. Everyone, whether they know it or not will need photos of themselves, an event (i.e. your brandband, company event, wedding, etc.), fashion, product at one time or another.

4. I enjoy a forum where people can let their hair hang down, let loose and discuss their most absurd ideas — no matter who may laugh at us or point fingers and yell, “Psychopath! Deviant!”

5. I’d also like to see your photos and learn how your twisted minds work. Post ’em on my page!

6. I’ll soon be spreading myself to New Orleans, Miami and Orlando in addition to my NYC base. Going national, baby. Announcement regarding (site arriving soon) is forthcoming.

Steep discounts on all of these will be available only to those who join up. It’ll be like a secret we share.

Why am I posting this? Hey, I have a business to run. =)

Happy holidays to all of you and thanks in advance.

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