A conservative theatre producer living in a liberal world

The editors of Narratively emailed me the first draft of David Marcus’ article about being a conservative theatre producer. Being a liberal who enjoys discussing politics, I was excited to photograph him. Needless to say, I learned a lot. The shoot occurred over the course of two days. David and I got to know each other. I had a great time, I learned a couple of things and I truly enjoyed getting to know this intelligent, witty and creative artist.

The article was just published. Here’s an excerpt with a link:

David Marcus

David Marcus at St. Marks Church.

























I was checking the Phillies score on my phone when Eliel, the night manager at the Bowery Poetry Club, popped out and found me in my usual pre-show pace and smoke routine. “You know who I like?” he said. “Condoleezza Rice, thatʼs who you guys should have gone with.”

Eliel means it. Heʼs told me many times that he admires Rice and thinks she would be a good President. But Elielʼs point goes beyond the horserace or even the merits of political views. In a very real way, he was saying: “Youʼre a conservative, that’s cool, letʼs talk.”


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