Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams by Carlos Detres

Some recent work that was recently posted on glitter and doom.

glitter and doom

I tend to name galleries/collections. In this case, I chose Velvet Underground’s “Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams”. During the shoots, I’ll play music that has a darker, sexier feel such as Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy or Siouxie and the Banshees. The model and I will reach an emotional point where I start clicking away and what comes out is a shared feeling — our combined emotions expressed through their eyes. There’s a relationship I develop with the women I photograph that is unlike any I share women outside of the shoot. They would totally roll their eyes if they read this but, to me, there really is a mystical, dreamlike quality to these portrait sessions and I hope to capture that feeling with this collection.

Carlos_Detres_Photo121108-20x30 The Sitter

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130407-DSC_5565

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130406-DSC_4895

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130405-DSC_4622

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130405-DSC_4352

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130320-DSC_3419

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130205-DSC_9171

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130104-DSC_5710-Edit

Carlos_ Detres_Photo121221-DSC_4767

Carlos_ Detres_Photo110811-_DSC9350-Edit

For more of Carlos Detres’s photography click here

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