Ancient Figures in the Metropolis

Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City
February 7, 2012

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9283


Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9290

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9292

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9295

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9300

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9301

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9302

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9303

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9311

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9313

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9315

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9318

Carlos_ Detres_Photo130207-DSC_9323


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