Exploding Light and the Love/Hate Thing About New York

Remove the big buildings, strip the streets and bars and you’ll get to the real essence of this city. The people who walk past late night pizzerias, buzzed on alcohol, drugs or loneliness maintain the rhythm while the rest sleep before the next workday. The bars crowd with people who spend the day working hard.

The unofficial motto of NYC is “work hard, play harder.” There are people that live here from all over the world, bouncing into each other like a cultural atom smasher. Music plays at all hours of the day and night and there’s always a bar open if you know where to look. It’s not New Orleans where a culture and architecture has been developed and kept for a few hundred years. Our buildings are demolished, built on the rubble of the past and occupied by the modern citizens. The culture changes with every generation. There’s a ley line here, attracting mischief, dreamers and those who pass by on a whim.

The edge of the universe borders the East or Hudson rivers. We’re so close to the ocean but the salty air never wafts through. Just 45 minutes north of the city, the steel and concrete of the buildings are replaced by some of the oldest mountains in North America. The nearby hills teem with flora and fauna that are indigenous just to this state. Old towns such as Sleepy Hollow revel in their spooky mystique with old church yards and ancient cemeteries. Revolution springs from the seeds of the Enlightenment. And underground the subway tubes blend into roots.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this city for the last 4 or 5 years but lately, I’ve been appreciating it more. When I think of which other city I could move to, a gnawing feeling digs in my heart: Would I miss New York City too much to leave it for long?

New York City
Facing Times Square
December 10, 2012

Carlos_ Detres_Photo121210-DSC_2813


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