Bar Abstracts in Midtown Blitz!

My schedule was twice screwed last night when I was assigned to cover two events in the city. Both locations were closed. We had the dates wrong. It was that kind of day. So, in a let’s make the best of it sort of way, I met up with some friends at a bar in dreaded Midtown. After a glass of Bulleit and ginger ale, I was feeling just fine. Since I hadn’t gotten my photograph fix early on in the night, I pulled out my camera and began shooting abstracts at the bar.

From photographing events and knowing what makes people click the mouse button, my eye instantly trained on the combo of the girls rear and belt as well as the bottles of vodka on the right. I politely asked if I could take a photo of her from behind and she agreed. After I clicked the shutter button, she turned and said, “Thank you for asking.” I wondered to myself, how many people actually take a photo of her ass? — Apparently many. My friend, A noted, “That’s why all the boys come here.”

I fired off some more shots — typical group, iPhone-like photos to make a few people happy but then I took some others that made me happy. I didn’t feel that I took care of my fix but it did help some. This weekend, I’m photographing night and day so by Monday, I’ll probably be glad to put the camera down for a few hours.

New York City
October 11, 2012


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