Spinning ‘Round at Le Diner En Blanc, New York

Okay, first off, Le Diner En Blanc, a massive mob flash dinner thing imported from Paris, was one of the most unique and amazing events of the summer. Three thousand people, dressed all in white converged at Lincoln Center to enjoy a grand public dinner, music and mingling — all of this on a Monday night. Crazy, right?

How I got this shot:

(if this gets too photo-geeky, just click out)

I really wanted to get the movement of the violin bow. For night time event photography, I shoot all manual (except for lens focus). The shutter speed was 1/15th of a second, F/2.8, ISO 2500 (when I’m shooting with flash, I’m not too worried about pixilation. As you can see, it’s pretty pixelation-free).

I manually set my flash to 1/32 power, zoomed back to the 24mm mark then clicked the shutter, while panning with the movement of her bow. As you can see, she stays still while the geometric background does a little light dance to compliment her movement.

This was the only chance I got to do this shot and admittedly, the end of her song provided a happy accident since she gave one last dramatic stroke of the bow.

Le Diner En Blanc
Lincoln Center
New York City
August 20, 2012
UrbanDaddy posted more photos of the event HERE. (You can see how truly massive this event was).


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