This is How We Laughed

Yesterday, my amazing girlfriend of almost 4 years surprised me with a pre-birthday picnic and bike ride to the Astoria Park. It was complete with vegetarian delights she made as well as a chicken sausage with peppers wrapped in a flour tortilla (for me). We sat on a spread blanket beneath the verdant canopy of tall oak trees. Two bottles of amazing wines later, we hopped back onto our bikes for some mojitos at one of our favorite restaurants in Astoria called Fatty’s.

Some time throughout the day, I mentioned to Aryn (said girlfriend) some observations I had made about photography and its spiritual benefits aside from the obvious creative expressions of this art form. Great photography is the art of observation and detail. It’s noticing moments that pass within a quarter of a second or watching the light of sun rays bounce from the tops of trees, change color from yellow to orange to blue. Photography feels like a special bond with the environment and people around me.

Hearing the sound of cars thundering across the Tri-borough Bridge and watching the people sit in the sun or walk on pathways was calming. Although I was only a few minutes from home by bike, it felt as if we were a hundred miles away. Lying with my head on the ground, all I could see was trees and light shimmering between the leaves. I was glad to be sharing this special moment with Aryn. I’m glad that she put together the day for me.

I took a few photos from this spot. This is what we saw. This is what was around us and this is how we laughed.

Click thumbnails to enlarge.


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