I Will Never Do This Again

Subtext: but it ended with decent results.

So a few weeks ago, I scheduled a shoot with three friends of mine — models who often appear in my photos because they get what I’m trying to do and fit the conceptual parts of my photos. I had the bright idea of shooting three concepts at once for my +dangerous series. Some people may say, “Meh…so what? Big deal” and they’d be right but I’m not mentally capable of doing it. I’m not sure why I decided to shoot three concepts instead of focusing on one at a time and getting it right.

The conceptual shoots I do tend to be with one person at a time. These are creative ideas that are being realized with every click of the shutter button. The aperture closes and opens again with an image that had never before existed except in my mind. It’s a special moment for me and I hope, for the model. I should have shot one and done so that I could have gotten the concepts right as I imagined them. To be fair, I shouldn’t disparage the decision too much since I was pretty happy with the unintended results and had fun shooting with my friends.

What I learned was that photographs should be massaged to life. They’re created — sure but it’s an entire moment. It’s not a factory of images, which is what I was unintentionally doing. So learn from my screw up. One. Concept. At. A. Time. Always. At least when it comes to conceptual photography.

To the models: I love you, kids. You’re amazing. And thank you for always being patient with me, especially when I’m overburdening myself.

Film Strip
June 2012
New York City


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