Hey MUSICIANS! A Package for You…

*This offer is exclusive to musicians. I have other deals coming up later.

I’ve had a strong connection with the music scene in New York City and Miami and have had the great chance of photographing some of my favorite bands as well as those that are not quite as known yet.


Before doing a shoot with any artist, I listen to their music and engage in a dialog to get your image just right.


I work until I see a smile on your face. You bust your ass for your music and I’ll do the same for your session.


Here’s what I’m offering:

+ 1 hour photo session (location of your choice although I’m happy to give some suggestions as well).
+ Studio lighting and effects.
+ 1 DVD that includes 10 of your favorite photos from your session. Retouched and ready for your press kit, web site and CD.
+ 3 9×12 prints so you can hang them on your wall and for dear old dad to smile at.
+ 3 wardrobe changes.

Total Price (including shipping) $225


(more samples HERE)


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