Power Plant Rises From Graves

Or so it seemed…

I was driving back from a photo shoot on a day when the sky filled with blue and wind blew into the car from highway speed. I made a wrong turn somewhere and lost myself in Queens, enjoying the luxury of loud music and wheels. From the right side of the car I saw a cemetery. The one you can see from the air when flying into Laguardia. From the sky, it looks like dirty snowfall but up close, the vastness of the cemetery was revealed. What lured me most into it was this power plant that was seemingly placed in the middle of the cemetery. I couldn’t resist.

I abandoned cemetery photography a while ago when I started to become confident in my portraiture. Pulling into the entrance, I was reminded of a time, a long time ago, when I was in college taking photography and film classes, visiting local cemeteries and graveyards in South Florida. Sisters of Mercy was making the rounds inside the car. It was too ’80s. It was too college days. It was too perfect. I drove all around the cemetery, snapping several photos here and there in the eerie quiet and sporadic rustling of ninja-like lizards.

There are a lot more photos than the one I’ve placed here, including a fresh pile of dirt where someone had just been interred (I didn’t post it out of respect to the family who will probably never read this blog anyway. Maybe I’ll post it another day).

The binding experience felt like a full circle. The poetry of a power plant rising out of the cemetery (it was an illusion) is obvious.

BTW. This was at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Click to enlarge.


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