Not sure if I’ve shared this on the ol’ blog before. While researching some of articles I’ve written for my artist statement (drudgery), I found this one that I wrote July of last year. Luckily if this bores you, Suger -N- Thunder have tons of other interesting reads on their blog. Highly recommend them…and not just because they were kind enough to let me blab about the influence ghost photography has had on my work.


We here at Sugar -n- Thunder are super-fans of the haunting, ethereal, raw photography of NYC’s Carlos Detres. We profiled him this past fall but you won’t believe how much has changed in a few months. Carlos is constantly pushing himself and experimenting with new techniques – here’s some words and a few of his newest snaps.

Notes From A Haunted Photographer, by Carlos Detres

“There are many cultures throughout the world whose religious and other belief systems include the concern that a soul can be ‘captured,’ imprisoned, or stolen wholly or in part by a variety of means, including photography.”
– Dr. George Simon, PhD

It’s years ago and I’m nine years old, down with the flu. I’m in my room. There’s a radio on. Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth” is playing to the book I’m holding. The pictures in the book are of alleged ghost photography.


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