The Orbis Ring Flash Attachment

I was pretty stoked when the Orbis Ring Flash attachment with the arm (to hold the sucker in place) came in the mail today. I unboxed it, slipped it into my SB-900 Speedlight and went to town. I’ve always

Found this picture of the Orbis Ring Flash attachment with the arm.

loved the look of ring lights and the halo effect. I bought the attachment specifically to be able to easily carry along a ring light unit that didn’t require a cumbersome battery pack.

I tested the kit on myself. Although it’s better to screw up at home than on the field, I found that it was pretty easy to figure out.

I broke down the specs for the camera and the flash:


Shot at 24mm
1/80th of a second
ISO 500
Exposure Compensation at +1.5

SB-900 Speedlight (flash)

Zooomed at 120mm (this could have been a mistake. I’ll explain later)
1/1 power (yup)

So, as I’m sure you noticed, it required a lot of power to get this thing going, but to be fair, the camera was positioned about 8-9 feet from me. I would have definitely used different settings during practical uses and not during silly self portrait sessions.

To sum up, I was very happy with the results. There are some complaints on the web about the opening of the Orbis Ring Flash attachment not fitting snuggly into the head of the flash but I didn’t find this to be a problem with the SB-900. I do, however expect this to be an issue with the SB-600. There are ways around this such as velcro strips or gaffers tape.

I do think that $239.00 is a bit much for this package because it’s a modifier/attachment, essentially made of well-built plastic. There are some good DIY tutorials on the web for making a ring flash attachment on the cheap. I didn’t trust my DIY skills enough to go this route but it may be for you. There are also other options, such as the O Ring or Ray Flash, which some people swear by. I went with Orbis because it doesn’t block the Speedlight’s sensor. Options, options, options.

If you end up getting one, please send over some pictures! I’ve seen some good ones on the web so far.

More info about the company HERE.

PS – Thx for checking out this attempt at a review.

Click to enlarge.



4 responses

  1. Great shot!

    February 1, 2012 at 2:18 pm

  2. Thanks, dude!

    February 1, 2012 at 2:22 pm

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