New Logo for 40 Shades Studios

I’ve been dropping news here and there about a new business venture targeted to clients who want conventional yet creative and edgy portraits. It’s called 40 Shades Studios. I’m close to finishing up much of the back end stuff for the website, including portfolio building, bio, business plan, blah blah, and now, the logo. I’m grateful for the growing fan base of my work so I figured I’d share the results of the logo with you first.

The concept for the logo is a timelessness; a modern yet classic, elegant look to invite people into my philosophy of creating…ahem….timeless, classic, elegant portraits. The rose in the lower right corner represents a quote attributed to Buddha, which says, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” I feel this is appropriate within the context of photography. With fingers crossed, I hope to have the site up and running within the next week.

The days of walking a tightrope between fine art and studio photography are over.

What do you think?!


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