Photographing a Lovely Family

I get all sorts of different kinds of jobs and 2011 saw a variety which included product, wedding, fashion editorials, magazine covers, rock stars, Christmas carolers, haunted houses, commissioned fine art work, album covers, families and on and on and on. The thread sewn throughout these has been the client’s pursuit of a particular style and quality. I’ve always been grateful to folks who have taken a chance with conservative style portraits such as the ones below. What I always mention to my clients is that I shoot for them and will never incorporate partially naked women (or men), grotesque figures or any such thing unless they commission it (and this, so far, has never been requested for a wedding or any such shoot).

Soon enough, I’ll be separating my “Carlos Detres Photography” from a new endeavor called “40 shades studios. The former will be focus on art while the latter will be for wedding, portrait, headshots, family, event, and all sorts of other great services. If 40 shades studios was up now, these are the kinds of photo shoots you’d see.

So here is a sampling of photos I did for this lovely family. It was one of the most fun shoots I did all year (these were shot at the end of December). Some of the sweetest people I’ve met in a while.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.


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