I HEART Antique Cameras — The No. 1 Autographic Kodak Junior

Did I mention how much I love old stuff? I mean, anything old. Especially American made. My girlfriend got me a few antique Kodak cameras for the holidays. This is one of them. The No. 1 Autographic Kodak Junior has a cool steam punk quality to it. This one was made between 1922-1931. Anyway, the sucker looks like it works. Just need some 120mm film.

I removed the backing where one would insert the film, revealing the simple structure of the camera (not pictured). Anyway, I went a little conservative with these pictures. I just wanted to present it as it was to show the meticulous craftsmanship of an enduring icon of photography.

12×12 fine art prints available for either of these 2 for $12.00.


(with bellows exposed) LINK

Looking like a train in this photo.


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