Apt Sessions — A rough how to guide for Rembrandt Lighting

I was in the mood to take some pictures last night but no one was around for the shooting so I set up a white background, some lights and used myself as the subject. I employed a Rembrandt style of lighting (the little triangle on the left side of my face, underneath the eye is characteristic of Rembrandt lighting). I grabbed a pumpking and started shooting.

What I used:

2 — Pocket Wizards (one in my right hand to trigger the Pocketwizard-rigged camera. Off-camera strobes triggered by camera.)
1 — Manual SB-900 (aimed downward toward my face at a 45 degree angle to get that nice triangle below my left eye for that Rembrandt look)
1 — Manual SB-600 (bounced off a refrigerator to feather just a little light onto the jack o’lantern)
1 — Mother’s secret recipe
1 — Styrofoam jack o’lantern purchased from Headless Horseman Hayrides (you’ve gotta check this place out for next Halloween)
1 — Off-white back drop
1 — Tough guy look (I was chewing gum)

I wish I had more pictures of the set up but I wasn’t thinking about discussing this at the time. I figured I’d just post the picture but then I thought it might be silly to blog about a picture I took of myself. Just seems like narcissism when it was a manifesting desire to take a picture of something in a studio-like environment.

P.S. I’m probably missing a ton of info here so if you have questions or comments, please send them forth.

The result…

(NEXT…If I can’t fit in another post between now and Saturday then the next one will be from New Orleans.)


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