A Little of The Grudge. A Little Pulse. All GHXST

You can skip to the pictures and/or read about how I got the first shot and why I composed the others the way I did.

Here’s an editorial shoot of GHXST I did for The Whiskey Dregs. As soon as I saw the name of the band and heard their music, I thought, “This couldn’t be more perfect if anyone tried.” I wanted to base this shoot on the films Pulse and The Grudge — two innovative films that created creepy atmospheres and used subtle touches to send shivers down your spine. I wanted to do that with GHXST because…it was appropriate.

In order to get that stuttering effect on a single frame, I knew that using the repeating flash technique was the way to go.

I prepped for this shoot by learning everything (trial and error) I could about repeating flash on Nikon’s SB-900 and SB-600, which is difficult because there actually isn’t a lot of info about this technique…probably due to it being a pain in the ass. Who wants to do calculations on a set?

The advantages of using the camera and flashes on manual was that I had set up this shot at my apartment the night before by measuring distance, power, and focal length. This shoot was to take place at the GHXST’s practice studio, which means I would also have control over the lights.

For repeating flash, you should knock out the light as much as possible and compose your subjects in front of a very dark background. This is because the flashes give off so much light that it could easily fudge up a shoot if shot in front of a lighter background. Imagine a club with the strobe lights going off. That’s what it looks like so the camera’s sensor (CMOS) is absorbing ALL OF THIS. Go dark or go intentionally bright.

Once I got to the band’s studio in Williamsburg, I was all ready and set up to go. Put the flashes on stands, set up my camera on a tripod (VERY important for repeating flash technique because you have to keep the shutter open a while), and fired away.

All of this for ONE single shot but ONE single shot that rocks.

Thanks to Carly Sioux for helping me with the lights on this project. Thanks also to Jerome of Desire Records (lovely music). I’ve mentioned this first picture before in a previous post but I’ve gone into much more detail about it in this one.

Here’s the link to the interview with GHXST over HERE.

The Grudge


Cherubs with knives.


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