The Lightshow

I’ve been quiet. Even as a man, I’m like a child. If things are quiet, something’s happening.

My muse.

The last 4-5 days were spent further exploring the possibilities of Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS). I’ve added a pair of Pocketwizards Plus IIs to the fold as well as a SB-600 Speedlight to add to my SB-900. I’m almost shocked by what these little lights can do. Do I prefer them over studio lighting? In a way, yes. They are powerful enough to produce dramatic effects and mobile enough to pack into a bag for a trip to wherever and since I’m always on the go, the latter reason gives these lights the distinct edge.

The Pocketwizards have also been useful. The interchangeability between transceiver and receiver opens up many doors. Nikon’s CLS can also power my pair of flashes nearly without trouble, although yesterday the camera sometimes had difficulty “talking” to my SB-600 through a wall but a little workaround and creativity solved that. With the help of FlashZebra‘s inexpensive shutter release cable, the Pocketwizard can also be used as a remote shutter trigger.

I was very happy with my previous setup but it restricted me from going further, leaving me frustrated and attempting inadequate workarounds that only more gear could provide. So expect a lot of new and interesting photos. Fun times.

What else?

+ I’m working on a new portfolio. My blog will be separate from it. Both sites will be easily accessible from either site.
+ More artwork will be coming to my Etsy store including limited edition 4x6s and 8x10s.
+ A new killer deal for studio portraiture.


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