What? No cameras?

Obviously I’m in the “let the photographers take pictures at the show” camp. I completely understand people who have beef with using flash at a show. It totally kills the mood and I will argue against those who do. Nothing is more annoying than trying to enjoy the vibe of a show and a photographer has a flash going off in your face. Have I done it? Yeah. Totally but not anymore. If I have done it in the last few months, it has been for effect, away from people’s faces, off to the side, or during some crazy strobe action. In other words, when I do use it, I blend in.

So why not let me bring my “pro” camera to the show to take pictures of bands I like? At least my shots will be good.

Last night I saw a metal band at Gramercy Theater called The Chariot. They fucking rocked so hard. The bassist is the greatest bass player who never played bass. The band put on a performance…in other words the BEST time to have a camera. Eff. But no worries since the iPhone has a capable camera — capable of doing shitty pictures in low light but if you know what you’re getting into and want to shoot for a certain effect then having one around is a million times awesome.

What’s also great about the iPhone’s camera is that it’s kinda stupid and doesn’t know that shooting at f/2.8 when the subject is 10-15 feet away will render it blurred. Thankfully I like blurred because it almost looks lomographic — like a pinhole camera.

Anyway, here were the results. I edited these in Lightroom and rendered them in black + white to make them look as lomo as possible. Beautiful shapes and arcs of light occurred. Who cares if you can’t see their faces?

* Although I have Hipstamatic on my phone, I chose not to use it because it’s become a caricature of itself. Great app but, to me, it just makes a crap photo look cool. Good intentions overused.


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