Combine 2 frames and flash techniques

How I got this shot:

FRAME ONE (moving from the doorway)

Repeating flash on my SB-900 speedlight to get this portrait. Set to 1/128, flash = 24x, 20Hz, 1.6 seconds. 150 ISO

FRAME TWO (standing in front of the second doorway)

Rear curtain flash (should have been set to Slow). 1.6 seconds, 150 ISO.

Both frames were overlaid to create this picture. Touch ups done in Lightroom 3.

Why use 2 different flash techniques?

Had I used the same technique for both frames then the second one, the one in which I’m still standing in the doorway (frame 2), then it would have been severely overexposed when the first frame is added, due to the amount of power the flash emits.

The repeating flash technique is typically used for moving objects. If you’re not sure what this is, then imagine the strobe light from your favorite club. That’s what happens. You should use a tripod or a flat surface because you’re going to need to keep that shutter open for a while.

There are plenty of good tutorials about how to use repeating flash. Seems complicated at first but then it’s pretty easy.


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