Nature resisted and nature died or 2 wooden ships!

Much of my work is environmental activism in imagery. Or better yet, it’s the reflection of what I see happening to the world. It can be depressing but destruction is often as beautiful as creation. How that works out in the end, I haven’t a clue. But this was my day at the beach — or rather a cove in Astoria, NY that I had no idea existed because “progress” has already sought all useful parcels of land.

Ok here’s the short story of it. New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens (the latter two being on Long Island)) used to be all forests, ponds, streams, hills, and waterfalls. It used to be an Eden and if you go North just 15 minutes from the heart of Manhattan, you’ll be surrounded by nature, which might give you a glimpse of what it may have looked like.

Check out the pictures of the mired and decaying old merchant ships. These are probably late 1800s — THE LATEST.

If anyone has any info about the ships below, please tell me about it!


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