Ok, New York…you've got me

So like most jaded New Yorkers, I’ve been looking for the next place on my “move” list. I thought about Florida since New Orleans is temporarily unrealistic at the moment but all I needed was some spring-like weather to remind me about what a fool I’ve been.

Yes, New York. I was wrong about you…again.

It’s my own personal belief that a true New Yorker will hate this city at some point in their lives and then reconcile with it and then fight again. It’s the chemical reaction between two forlorn lovers entwined in this spit-em-out routine that becomes a fond experience as the years trek on.

Not to say I’ll never leave here but, New York, 7-8 months of the year is a lovely place to be.

Pictures are comprised of 2 days. The one of me was taken by my photo buddy, Carly Sioux.


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