Added a couple of shots to the portfolio

These 2 were filed under “People.” If you haven’t checked out that section then feel free to explore. If you like what you see, don’t be shy! Request a session. I’m offering very reasonable rates from now until 2/14. Click here for more info.

This first one is of Aryn’s sister, Samara. Not only is she beautiful but she’s also very photogenic. There are so many fashion photos shot simply this way so it wasn’t hard to put all of these elements together for a fine finish:

New York, NY

I had my SB-900 speedlight on the hot shoe with a Lumiquest Big Bounce (LQ 104) attached. Could have probably gone with a mini softbox here but, as you can see, it did the job.

This is Jeanette, who is also one of my favorite models. She’s already featured in a few pictures in my portfolio. This was a “lost” shot — lost because we somehow missed this one. We had a great time during this shoot and killed three bottles of wine before it was over. This is a no-no for a proper shoot but it seemed to work for us.

Model Shoot, New York, NY

Attitude! And steampunk to boot.


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